podroze kobiecym okiem by malgosya

Sometimes I would like to go back in time to recall some nice moments of the places which I visited, and to keep my family and friends posted.

The moment to put the archive of photos in order has come and I decided that regular posting will be the best way to do so.

Besides travelling, „myElegantTravel” is about the moments and things which make travelling more pleasant.

Women very often pay attention to other things and details than men. That is why I have the perspective of a woman, and share my observations on what I like, and what I dislike. I write about the places which are worth visiting with a family or friends, or for business purposes.

I’m a fan of celebrating moments in good company. I still feel deficiency of getting to know new places, that is why I experience the moments, and inhale for myself anything possible „here&now”, catching new energy. Persons looking for information about extraordinary, undiscovered places on my blog may be disappointed. I write about quite popular cities and corners where you can spend the time in a nice and elegant way.

For whom is my blog?

If you are a person, who:

  • likes to travel in a comfy and pleasant way;
  • has little time for in-depth visiting, but wants to quickly feel the climate of the places I write about;

  • has visited and seen the place, and wants to confront my impressions with his/her own feelings, feel invited to get to know my ways.


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